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How to Travel Safely in Foreign Countries | SOFREP

Apple and Microsoft to team up for Kodak’s patents? | Politics and Law – CNET News

Is China Giving Carte Blanche for Anti-Competitive Conduct by PRC Companies Doing Business Overseas? : China Law Update

A Bookfuturist Manifesto – Tim Carmody – The Atlantic

A 5-Ring Circus – Olympic Opening Is Oddly, Confidently British –

Apple Is Said to Discuss an Investment in Twitter –

Government: we can freeze Mega assets even if case is dismissed | Ars Technica – the flip side of this is that the US would give itself and its corporations extra-legal powers worldwide which is a dangerous precedent, yet it is notably reluctant to facilitate foreign governments and corporations in the same way

In the network economy, ownership is fragmented…

German Companies Disappoint with Quarterly Earnings Reports – SPIEGEL ONLINE – not terribly surprising given that so many of its trading partners are hurting

VCs’ Strange, Instinctual Need to Replace Founders – Harvard Business Review

Mac malware spies on infected users through video and audio capture | Naked Security

Motorola Android devices banned in Germany for infringing Microsoft’s FAT patent | The Verge

Court quashes Twitter joke trial verdict: Britain has a sense of humor after all – GigaOM – makes the UK government and Crown Prosecution Service look foolish

Software training online-tutorials for Adobe, Microsoft, Apple & more

Where is Your Organization on the Social Media Listening Maturity Model? | Ketchum Blog