Chinese brands won’t scale?

I have been reading an interesting book at the moment Tom Doctorow’s What Chinese Want: Culture, Communism and the Modern Chinese Consumer based on his experience working with J Walter Thompson in China. There is a lot of really great stuff here, one thing struck me as odd, Doctorow under-estimates Chinese businesses in their quest to extend their brands overseas.
Lenovo managed to go global through it’s acquisition of IBM’s PC business; which is now challenging HP and Dell in the PC market. But Lenovo has cloaked it’s Chinese nature with a name that only a branding consultant could truly love.
Tsing Tao (said Ching Dow) beer makes no excuses and embraces its Chinese heritage from a ping pong ball breathing dragon in bars to posters welcoming the Chinese olympic team to their camp in Leeds.
Welcoem to leeds[1]
With brands like Tiger, Cobra, Sapparo and Kirin before it who says Tsing Tao couldn’t make a truly Chinese brand go global.

Images by Mojofuel via McCann Erickson Manchester.

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