Five for Friday | 五日(星期五)

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A bit later than usual as my right arm is out of action.

I personally think Dolph Lundgren played the best Frank Castle back in 1989, but the plot was weak, Ray Stevenson had the physical presence but there was something missing. I wasn’t taken with Thomas Jane’s interpretation but this short unofficial film launched by Jane and artist Tim Bradstreet impressed.

The film is on YouTube so won’t be available to all readers.

Silver Cord is something special. A graphic novel written by Kevin Kelly of Wired magazine fame, that is available to download free or to buy as a book.
Beyond reach art exhibition
Reaching Beyond is an interesting contemporary art exhibition happening just a few roads away from my home. More details here.

Chinese blue chip beer brand Tsing Tao’s in-bar and poster campaign impressed.

Finally Nuffield Fitness for their awesome physiotherapist.