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Washington Post’s TruthTeller project hopes to birth real-time fact-checking | Poynter.

News Corp writes $2.8 billion off its publishing activities — paidContent

comScore TabLens: Today’s US Tablet Owner Revealed

A belt and suspenders for your cloud storage ~ I, Cringely

Q2 2012 U.S. smartphone market share: Apple dominates, Samsung trails

How to maximise reach in Hong Kong’s fragmented digital market: P&G study – Campaign Asia-Pacific

Nokia to Sell App Unit Amid Increasing Microsoft Reliance – Businessweek

Advertising with Baidu – some good things to consider in the Baidu search advertising contract

Pinterest Finally Ditches Invitations, Now Lets Anyone Sign Up | TechCrunch

Building the search engine of the future, one baby step at a time | Official Google Blog

How to Thrive in Social Media’s Gift Economy – Harvard Business Review

Standard Chartered begins fightback on Iran allegations| Reuters

The Media Business: NBC’s Olympic Coverage Shows Audience Expectations Aren’t in Its Cross Media Strategy – as a corporate entity don’t be a dick

Mazda cars losing weight? Try 220 pounds. – – interesting times for new materials

Facebook, Cringely, and the devolution of the web ~ I, Cringely – keep an eye on what Bob does

Don’t Ignore Boomers – The Most Valuable Generation | Nielsen Wire – because they have the assets

What NASA has to do with New York Fashion Week | Material World – inspiration

What’s up with those Qataris? | Material World – investing in luxury brands

Korea gets world’s first VoLTE services – Rethink Wireless – finally voice on 4G services rather than working across 3G for voice

Microsoft’s Massive Metro Mistake | – interesting analysis

Monocolumn – Olympic ticket guilt [Monocle] – or how the Olympics screwed over London

Chinese Startup Weibo Bridge Matches Advertisers With Weibo Power Users – will be interesting to see how responds to this

Multiply Explains Its Blogging Platform Shutdown

Facebook advertisers are told vet user comments | The Wall Blog – Australia first, but I could see it rolling out internationally as best practice

iPhone Caused “Crisis of Design” at Samsung (Memo) – AllThingsD

First Facebook App For Real-Money Gambling Hits The UK App Center – but it doesn’t provide the kind of revenue streams that Facebook needs to fully justify its value

San Francisco sports website Bleacher Report sells for reported $175 million – – interesting comparison to

Tesco trials ‘virtual fridges’ at Gatwick Airport – Marketing magazine

(mobileYouth) Briefing: How can auto reach the youth market through customer service?

Rogue Staff of China’s Biggest Search Engine Delete User Content For Cash – Gizmodo – I imagine it must be tempting for salespeople as well

Responsive design: five key considerations | Econsultancy

The US must share power with China

McDonald’s Is Going For American Fast Food’s Last Unconquered Frontier