Five for Friday | 五日(星期五)

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Again it’s later than it should be but here is my five things that made my day this week.

It is rare that I find myself in the company of the likes of Ice Cube, but a love of Eames Office design is something I share with the rapper. Charles & Ray Eames: The Architect and the Painter is an unflinching portrait of their career over 40 years.

Magic Mike was a surprising film, I went with a friend and was expecting a cringeworthy experience as exemplified by Mamma Mia or something from the Sex In The City series of movie tie-ins. Instead I ended up watching a curates egg of a film in two parts. The first part is pretty much like the trailer would have you believe. The second part is more Dazed & Confused or Less Than Zero. There were a lot of disappointed women in the audience and in this case that was no bad thing.

Video is on Youku, be patient with it.

FACT magazine really excelled themselves this time with The Orb and Lee Scratch Perry mix to promote  a forthcoming album collaboration

More information here.

I was re-reading this piece I wrote almost 18 months ago about News Corporation and it seemed strangely appropriate given the recent restructuring that News Corp did of its publishing and broadcast businesses and  the recent financial results of the publishing business.

I have been working through the works of Jet Tone Films; the film company of Wong Kar wai. Eagle Shooting Heroes is an absurdist comedic take on the classic martial arts movie.