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China disappointed with medals haul – – a sign of western imperalist hegemony trying to usurp China’s journey to the world ? The swift doping accusations against teenage gold medalist Ye Shiwen is fuel to this world view in China (paywall)

New Era for Video-on-Demand Websites in China : China Law Update – interesting moves to mature the media sector

How rave music conquered America | The Guardian – ironic given that rave came out of house music a small sub-culture from Chicago and one of the biggest players in the early rave seen was New York DJs Tommy Musto and Frankie Bones

Infosys Sued For Visa Fraud: Another Big Blow to Outsourcing Market | ServicesANGLE – the thin end of the wedge, I suspect that the reality of outsourcing means that visa fraud is a challenge rather like traffic violations are to a courier company

Smelling blood, IBM may aim to buy RIM’s enterprise services unit | VentureBeat

Stratfor emails reveal secret, widespread TrapWire surveillance system — RT

Twitter and the law: 10 legal risks in tweeting from or to the UK