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Generation Y Leads in Book Buying, Says Industry’s Most Comprehensive Report – PRNewswire

Bath Salts in the Wound | VICE – shocking portrayal of synthetic drug abuse in working-class American communities

Social Media: Don’t Put an Intern in Charge | – really smart stuff here

Interview: How China’s giant Tencent makes users pay — paidContent

Apple scores courtroom wins in Motorola FRAND case | CNET News

The Dandy faces possible closure after 75-years – I guess for crudely drawn artwork like Desperate Dan digital doesn’t matter so much

Visa branded ‘cynical’ as it bans rival cards from the Olympics | Mail Online

Sharp Corp running out of options ‹ Japan Today – it is the harbinger of things to come with the formerly mighty Japanese consumer electronics brands? I hope not, but suspect it is likely to be the case

Status People Fake Follower Check — Social Media Management Platform for Business – handy way of checking the health of an account

Vodafone and O2 face UK regulatory hurdles – Rethink Wireless

China’s Young Rich: Not Top Students – WSJ

Are China and Hong Kong TV Shows Stealing Their Ideas From the U.S.? – China Real Time Report – WSJ – when is an idea original though, particularly in TV or film?

Switzerland: Julius Bär To Buy Merrill Lynch’s International Arm Eurasia Review

Tricky customers – FT.comPier Luigi Sigismondi, Unilever’s chief supply chain officer. “While middle cases in the emerging world are aspiring to so-called western standards of living … western Europe is starting to see an economy that’s taking us to the developing market dynamics, which is quite concerning.”

MPAA / RIAA Want U.S. to Help Quash The Pirate Bay | TorrentFreak

Here’s The Real Reason Groupon’s Stock Just Crashed – Business Insider

August trend report examines emergence of Chinese brands on global stage | JWT Intelligence – westerners like China: people and heritage. However they are down on Chinese products and brands. If you did that poll at the end of the 19th century, the respondents would have said the same thing about Germany

The iPhone Has Passed a Key Security Threshold – Technology Review

Why Apple Won’t Sue Microsoft Over Surface

Motorola to Cut 20% of Work Force, Part of Sweeping Change –

How Big Data Became So Big –

All night book store in Hong Kong | – makes me realise how much I miss the former Borders branch on Oxford Street (paywall)

Cruelty free policies ditched | – compliance with local regulations are undermining the previous gains my the animal welfare lobby (paywall)