Penn Schoen Berland research on values held by American consumers

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I came across this research on American attitudes by Penn Schoen Berland for the Aspen Institute.

What I found fascinating about this data was that it emphasised how different American values are to Europeans and the slow social liberalisation of US respondents at a generational level:

  • Healthcare was considered to be a government responsibility
  • I was surprised that two thirds of younger respondents didn’t think that free enterprise didn’t contribute to strong American values – which I think will have implications about how implement corporate (and social) responsibility programmes in the future

However this social liberalisation doesn’t extend to gun control or freedom of speech beyond a narrowly definition, meaning a move away from the more traditional libertarian view of speech.

There was consensus that the current US economic system was unfair to working class and middle class Americans.

Considering all this change I was a bit puzzled the rise of the right and the move away from old style Republicanism in politics? The only things that I could see in the data that supported the schism is that the majority of respondents thought lobbyists had too much power in politics and that too much political money is spent by small groups and individuals on campaigns (guessing that’s Super PACs).

The presentation is on Slideshare so may not be available to all viewers.