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Apple, Samsung Report No Progress in Trimming Patent Case – Bloomberg

And Now Facebook’s Bankers Are Divvying Up The $100 Million They Made Shorting Facebook’s Stock – Business Insider

How to Save Yourself From a Defamation Suit: Hedge, Snark, Link – The Atlantic

Scientists develop lithium-ion battery that charges 120 times faster than normal | ExtremeTech

Harvard cracks DNA storage, crams 700 terabytes of data into a single gram | ExtremeTech

Hackers backdoor the human brain, successfully extract sensitive data | ExtremeTech – expect HR departments to get hold of this technology soon

Dan Rather: Those Who Doubted China’s Rise Underestimated ‘Power of the People’ | Asia Society

The Emerging Revolution in Game Theory – Technology Review

Private justice: How Hollywood money put a Brit behind bars | Ars Technica – what is disturbing about this the failures in due process like the RIPA authorisation paperwork

comScore Releases White Paper: “The Economics of Online Advertising: How Viewable and Validated Impressions Create Digital Scarcity and Affect Publisher Economics” | Virtual-Strategy Magazine

Why Mobile Optimisation is Essential for Social & Sharing

Facebook’s Got a Brand Problem | Digiday

Android is winning – if you’re writing apps for China. Elsewhere, though… |

New Media Knowledge – BBC’s ‘VirtualBagel’ experiment does not prove Facebook Advertising ineffective

Tom Holland: Five years after crisis began, we still can’t see the elephant | – (paywall)

Sina Weibo Plans Google+-Inspired, Advertising-Focused Redesign