Five for Friday | 五日(星期五)

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Thanks to Boston Dynamics and The Atlantic for this quality mash-up of a robot strutting his stuff to Stayin’ Alive.

I wish they could make one smart enough that would shove the guy in the clip back; not go all ED-209 on him, but stand up for robotic dignity. Hating on robots is the new racism.

The presidential campaigns in the US have got underway and a more militant tone is being taken to get the Jewish vote in the Democrat corner:

It’s a small thing but Percent Calculator is a real life-saver

Jo Nesbo’s Jackpot is a Coen Brother-style film played out in a Norwegian plastic Christmas tree factory that employees former convicts

I’ve only been able to find the trailer on YouTube so far, so apologies to those of you that can’t view it.

Crocodile on the Yangtze looks awesome, a documentary about how Jack Ma’s Alibaba won against eBay. China wasn’t the only market that eBay lost out in (for instance against Yahoo! Auctions in Japan) but it was one that showed how Silicon Valley could be out-innovated. More on IMDB.