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MPs call for FATCA-style automatic disclosure of UK citizens’ foreign tax affairs

ITC: Apple didn’t infringe two Google patents | MacNews

Expand Your Brand’s Fan Base on Facebook | About Social Media

PR in the PRC – Sixty Second View

What’s a WeJIT? ~ I, Cringely – lightweight collaboration tools would it threaten Exchange or Outlook? What about security?

JavaScript video technology only 17 years in the making ~ I, Cringely

Use the FORD Technique to Make Small Talk Easier

How Hollywood Is Encouraging Online Piracy: Scientific American – making the process hard to use, makes piracy more attractive

Exclusive: Apple-Samsung juror speaks out | Apple – CNET News

American Vogue’s September issue causing postal problems – Telegraph – good to see that print adverts are doing well somewhere

Jury Awards $1 Billion to Apple in Samsung Patent Case –

Aftersales email best practice from ASOS | Econsultancy

China’s Economy Besieged by Buildup of Unsold Goods –

Dell, HP and the folly of the consumer PC business | ZDNet

Nokia, Samsung, Others Form In-Location Alliance for Indoor Location

Helen Edwards: TripAdvisor and the looming decline of user-generated content | Marketing Blogs

Samsung: power, corruption and lies – The Kernel

Samsung Calls BS On Apple’s Charges Of Copying @

Samsung store looks like Apple store

Google facing irrelevance in China • The Register

South Korea Court Says Samsung, Apple Infringed Each Other’s Patents –

The Cheapest Generation – The Atlantic – possessions like cars and big televisions no longer of interest for younger people – reminds me a lot of early gen-x to be honest with you

Sony axing Liverpool game studio, ends Psygnosis’ 28-year history – Engadget – sad

Black Widow | Dustin Curtis – interesting analysis of Twitter and a warning about APIs

UK supermarket Sainsbury’s to launch own-brand video streaming service | The Verge

LG says started production of new screen, as Apple plans product launch | Reuters

China’s ‘B’ Shares Getting Erased as ‘A’ Shares Boom – WSJ

China: gloomy factory output survey | beyondbrics

‘Shirato Family’ star alongside Tommy Lee Jones in Boss-SoftBank crossover commercials ‹ Japan Today: Japan News and Discussion – love the crossover idea

Ex-Yahoo: Marissa Mayer Needs To Fire 10,000 People And Get Rid Of All The BlackBerrys – Business Insider

Communication Skills – Conversation as Communication by Gerard M Blair was one of the best guides I came across to be a people manager

Darpa Has Seen the Future of Computing … And It’s Analog |

11 friendly tips to help PRs write effective press releases | Econsultancy

How ‘Call Me Maybe’ and Social Media Are Upending Music – – what comes through in this article to me is the serendipity rather than science

Special Report: UK banks face scandal over toxic insurance products | Reuters

Nine brands making great use of Instagram, and one that isn’t | Econsultancy