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Amazon’s Bezos Explains How It Makes Money While Keeping Prices Low – AllThingsD – this interview feels too well messaged, Bezos dodges like a politician

An IPO minor league in Hong Kong for startups ~ I, Cringely

Kindle Fire HD hurts Microsoft more than Apple ~ I, Cringely

Huawei – information security white paper

EU says Microsoft pledged to meet antitrust requests on browsers | Reuters

How Google Builds Its Maps—and What It Means for the Future of Everything – Alexis C. Madrigal – The Atlantic

Communities Dominate Brands: Failure Version 2: Nokia Lumia Relaunch with Windows Phone 8 is Also a Total Dud (Updated)

Free Template: Easily Create Infographics in PowerPoint

Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales attacks government’s ‘snooper’s charter’ | The Guardian

Dynamic conversation-based Twitter lists added to RealWire’s Lissted platform

Sina Released New Weibo Ad Format with Guaranteed 100% Reach | China Internet Watch

Ticked off: How stock market decimalization killed IPOs and ruined our economy ~ I, Cringely

China UnionPay to lose monopoly following WTO ruling|

Monocolumn – Military secrets are too good to keep [Monocle] – I love veteran DJ Mr Spring (aka Tim Hannigan) website