Five for Friday | 五日(星期五)

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Probably the biggest thing for me this week was Apple’s iOS6 operating system for the iPhone. It has been a personal disaster for me. I was going to do a project down by Tower Bridge the morning after my phone had updated and the new Apple Maps couldn’t find Thomas More Square: despite the fact that a number of prominent UK businesses have their corporate headquarters there!

I tried out the panorama feature on the new version of the camera app; it isn’t intuitive to use and isn’t as good as existing free applications like DMD. I was surprised that software with that poor a user experience was allowed to ship.

I wait to see what iOS 6.1 brings.

Work has been crazy this week with a big healthcare campaign I have been working on for a while kicking off. We have advertising appearing in mothers-and-babies screenings of films at the Picture House chain of cinemas from Tuesday. We are supporting this with a YouTube channel, video advertising and a Facebook page. Because of the regulations related to the sector where my client operates I can’t link to the content or embed the video here (oh the irony).

The German government advised it’s citizens not to use Internet Explorer. From memory I think that they also did this a number of years ago. The more things change the more they stay the same.

Google has become progressively less useful to me as a digital marketers. The latest change was that Google Adplanner only now provides data on websites in the Google display advertising network. Which is a shame as had become a vital part of my tool kit.

On the plus-side proto-social network The WELL was saved from destruction when an investment vehicle and community members bought the site from Salon Media. The URL alone could have fetched a good deal of cash from health and wellness related businesses.  You can find me under the handle ged on The WELL.