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Is Chanel the Swatch of luxury? | Material World – is this Chanel becoming vertically integrated and getting a monopoly position

Survey: iOS 6 Leads To Decrease In Device Satisfaction Among iPhone Users | TechCrunch

Samsung schedules strategy meeting with Google’s Schmidt over Apple’s Android war – SlashGear

Apple-Google Maps Talks Crashed Over Voice-Guided Directions – AllThingsD

TI ready for complete exit from smartphones – Rethink Wireless

Cellphones Are Eating the Family Budget – – disrupting substitute entertainment products: eating out, children’s confectionery sales

Groklaw – SCO Files Final Chapter 11 Report in Bankruptcy, Files August MORs; Now It’s Onward and Downward in Chapter 7 ~pj

(24) Maps (iOS app): Why is everyone so obsessed with picking faults with Apple’s new maps on the iPhone? – Quorav- good discussion on everything wrong with Apple’s Maps app

South Korean Companies Give Bonuses as Thanksgiving Nears – WSJ

Just In Case You Forgot How Far RIM Has Fallen

Nokia: BMO Cuts to Sell, Doubts Windows Phone Appeal –

Eric Schmidt Says Google Would Love to Replace Microsoft as Yahoo!’s Search Partner – Forbes – but the same antitrust barriers that Microsoft would rake up still remain

Ten Office Items that Will Be Relics by 2017 – Technology Review

Double Lives: Study Reveals Germans Less Confident than they Seem – SPIEGEL ONLINE

How China’s wealthy transfer their assets abroad

What Happens When We Reach ‘Peak Car’?

Facebook Lets Businesses Plug In CRM Email Addresses To Target Customers With Hyper-Relevant Ads | TechCrunch

New Zealand Prime Minister orders enquiry into “unlawful” spying of Kim Dotcom (Jon Russell/The Next Web)

EU Officials Propose Internet Cops On Patrol, No Anonymity & No Obscure Languages (Because Terrorism!) | Techdirt – because this all worked really well in Korea when Cyworld got cracked and wholesale identity theft occurred

Information Processing: “… the good things just don’t get shown to Western investors”

Chinese economist weighs up how to inflict damage on Japan