Ambient digital media

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Pete Bartolik at Verifone dropped me an email about their new coupon offering based around petrol pumps in the US. The last time I drove on a regular basis was prior to my moving down to London in the late 1990s, so I was used to ‘dumb’ electronic pumps and paying my bill at the counter.
Verifone petrol pump kiosk experience
The rise of the supermarket as a purveyor of motor fuel saw the rise of the self service and self payment in the pump so a cashier wasn’t needed. The supermarkets also started to use ambient media as petrol pump wraps or on the floor  in order to deliver brand messages, but I was surprised to see the petrol pump become a kiosk experience – mainly because I didn’t think that a consumer would be in front of one sufficiently long for marketing messages to be effectively delivered.

Couponing looks like it could be just the start of things to come if it can be tied up with purchase and locative and contextual information.

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