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Mobile health is taking off but what’s still in its way? — GigaOM

Interbrand: Apple, Amazon, Samsung fast becoming brand darlings, ousting crusty traditional labels — Engadget

A New Tech Generation Defies the Odds in Japan –

KitchenAid Twitter Account Sends Offensive Tweet About Obama’s Deceased Grandmother (TWEETS)

Deal Profile: Kraft’s Snack Spinoff – WSJ – basically a sign that the Cadbury buy didn’t have the desired effect on the Kraft share price

Ellen Pao Files For Wrongful Termination – Business Insider – one long train wreck in slow-motion

Silicon Valley’s Strangest Sex Scandal Gets More Dramatic Yet – Business Insider – interesting that this hasn’t been settled and they don’t seem to have done anything to help their legal case. Are they hoping legal muscle and strong arm tactics will work or do they have something else that they know? Badly handled from a PR PoV