Search and the US presidential election

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I didn’t notice this until Laura Scott pointed it out on Twitter yesterday, but Mitt Romney dominates searches for ‘completely wrong‘ on Google image search.
Romney google bombed
At first I thought that this was some form of Google bomb perpetrated by liberal leaning digerati, but on investigation it seems to have been self inflicted by the Romney campaign.

Mr Romney admitted that his remarks regarding 47 per cent of the electorate were ‘completely wrong‘ during a Fox News interview. This turn of phrase then appeared in coverage alongside pictures of Mitt Romney.
completely wrong
Added to the content, there seems to have been an elevated level of search of the phrase ‘completely wrong‘ presumably as a way of tracking down the relevant Romney campaign coverage, so reinforcing the Google algorithms association between pictures of Mitt Romney and ‘completely wrong‘.

Now that this is a known phenomena the behavioural part of this equation will probably provide even  a further strengthened linkage between Mitt Romney and ‘completely wrong‘.