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How the U.S. Can Reinvent Manufacturing » Techonomy

Baidu Ramping up LBS Effort to Tap into O2O Heat | TechNode

Chrome Extension Protects Your Privacy on Facebook, Google

Facebook Tries to Monetize By Annoying; LinkedIn Adds to Value of its Site – Forbes

F.T.C. Staff Prepares Antitrust Case Against Google Over Search – – interesting that it is being compared to the Microsoft case, which I don’t think is particularly pertinent

McDonald’s gets flak for removing menus from counters ‹ Japan Today – interesting change, presumably designed to rush customers into higher value meal buys

Nokia finishes offloading Vertu, rumors claim Vertu plans a matching switch to Android – Engadget

Investors like New York Times‘ ‘paywall’ progress — paidContent

Huawei, Chinese Telecom Company, Finds Warmer Welcome in Europe –

Microsoft strategy analysis: Microsoft forced to be more like Apple

Contribution of open source to Europe’s economy: 450 billion per year | Joinup

Communications Data Bill: Their secrecy, your verdict – Simon Says…

A decade in PR – How agencies’ fee income has changed

Microsoft expands Motorola patent case to target Google Maps

Put This On • Seven Things Better Bought Used It’s sometimes… – interesting how much of this is down to changing economics and processes. Globalisation and progress aren’t always positive

Why the iPod Still Matters to Apple – interesting particular use cases (context rather than convergence) and as a gateway product

Yahoo’s Search Share Is Imploding – Business Insider – no real surprise here, apart from the fact there isn’t a realisation in the report that search is the glue in the Yahoo! network for the other properties effectively cross-selling users across properties…

APAC to become biggest ad market: News from

Luxury CEOs get even more pessimistic | Material World

Household wealth to surge | – doesn’t mean relief for the declining middle classes of western economies

Apple Hires Away Top Samsung CPU Designer to Build Custom Apple Chips

Facebook guidance on Promotions

Gambling | Facebook Help Center

Why Every Pitch is a Digital Pitch

Have we lost 41 percent of our musicians? Depends on how you (the RIAA) count | Ars Technica

Global PC Shipments Expected to Decline in 2012

The story of Ireland told to the world from Manchester – The Irish Times

NTT DOCOMO and MasterCard to offer NFC payments in 41 countries— MasterCard PayPass merchants to accept DOCOMO’s iD-brand mobile credit payments — | Press Center | NTT DOCOMO Global – interesting move by MasterCard

PG tips adds scratch card Facebook App – conversion rate is going to take a hit, going to a microsite

China says U.S. report on Huawei based on “untrue evidence” | VentureBeat

Sorry, Samsung, iPhone Is Not Your Mother’s Smartphone

Did Apple and Google really spend more on patents than R&D?Technovia

Top 50 Google Webmaster Guidelines Pages Monitor « « hobo

4 Reasons It’s Time to Sell Google – Seeking Alpha