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RIM takes BlackBerry 10 on the road to woo corporate clients | TotalTelecom

Turkcell heading to US to show off mobile wallet service | TotalTelecom

MIT creates hydrophobic material that could revolutionize fossil fuel and nuclear power plants | ExtremeTech

Microsoft’s Plan to Bring About the Era of Gesture Control – Technology Review – Kinect developer support. Lots of niche applications

4-in-10 Adults Use Social Networking to Engage in Political or Civil Activities – Pew Research Center

Bloomberg Has Tough Criticism for Obama and Romney – – raise taxes, cut costs to sort out deficit and be more progressive on social issues

Life on a Budget and How the Salarymen and Women of Japan Make Ends Meet | RocketNews24

Infographic Embed Code Generator – brilliant for PRs

Rebalancing China: China’s consumer-led growth | The Economist – growth driven by Chinese consumers rather than inbound investment

Dapper Dan of Harlem | Official Blog – the original Dapper Dan who made blinged out hip hop and hustler clothing with the finished fabrics, finishes and fake designer trimmings from Korea

Google Weighs Mobile-Patent Antitrust Settlement – – interesting, is this Google or Motorola Mobility related?

Facebook: We Weren’t Moving Fast Enough in Mobile – AllThingsD – I don’t think many people have it right

MediaPost Publications Macy’s Involves Marilyn To Woo Gen Y 10/22/2012 – authenticity from nostalgia

Revisiting The Bullish Case For McDonald’s – Seeking Alpha – Europe business doing surprisingly well

Women Use Monitoring Program To Track Their Spouses’ Facebook Activity – AllFacebook – and they wonder why many men won’t commit

1080p smartphones: Dr. Raymond Soneira breaks down display myth

South Africa: BITs in pieces | beyondbrics – a sell and divestment signal on South African exposed equities, bonds etc

Bechtolsheim brainstorms on next networking wave

iCloud: Sharing done wrong | Macworld – iDisk was far better. Apple jumped the shark on its cloud services

Apple removes Java from all OS X Web browsers | Ars Technica

Yahoo to exit South Korea in first Asian pullout | Reuters

Sony closes Japan factory, cuts 2,000 jobs | ZDNet – it’s like a Greek tragedy

Communities Dominate Brands: Nokia Q3 Results.. What can I say, we knew it would be misery all around

RIM broadens BB10’s appeal with Car 2 – Rethink Wireless

Apple acquires HTML5 design house – Rethink Wireless

Hands on with Apple’s Lightning to 30-pin Adapters | Macworld – some good workarounds

China: where’s our Gangnam style? | beyondbrics

UK worst in Europe for superfast FTTH broadband – Operators still focusing on FTTC upgrades | TechEye

Great internet resources from CIC – great resources on the Chinese web

Music Consumption – Listening to CDs is more popular than listening to the radio or to digital downloads

MIT applies ‘invisibility’ to electronics

‘The Cartel’ Are Britain’s Biggest Drug Gang | VICE

I Survived an Assassination Hit on a Real IRA Leader | VICE – I didn’t realise that Ireland had turned into that much of a battleground