I like: Rocket Fuel instant coffee

Reading Time: < 1 minute

I was dubious when I first saw Rocket Fuel with a packaging and copywriting that brought me back to the early 1990s.

First a velvet rush  like no other of caffeine rich smoothness, then a sustained hit of all natural Guarana

I presume this is to try and tap into a mind hack caffiene culture like they have in the US where Jolt cola and Penguin caffeineated mints are sold. In essence, it is caffeine in two forms: coffee beans and guarana. I presume that one is a faster release than the other so you get more bang for your buck. So what’s it like?

Firstly, whilst the flavour isn’t amazing, it compares favourably with the likes of Nescafé Original or Maxwell House.

Secondly, the caffeine up seems to last appreciably longer than when I usually drink instant coffee. You can get your fix via Amazon.
Rocket Fuel