Five for Friday | 五日(星期五)

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Things that have made my day this week:

Dunhill have been creating interesting content for a number of years, that used to be accessed through an iPad application and their own site. This interview with Jamie Hewlett of Tank Girl and Gorillaz fame is brilliant

Help for Heroes had some fantastically made laser cut perspex life-size sculptures in Trafalgar Square
The Hospital Club managed to turn the mundane safety notices in a lift into something more entertaining.

On Wednesday I went to the Eley Kishimoto exhibition at The Aram Gallery called Living With Patterns.
At The Aram Gallery
It was interesting to see how the fashion, fabric and soft furnishings patterns affected different objects surfaces.

Finally, I found Muzik Magazine online this week. Someone, presumably not IPC Media has created PDF copies of each issue and put them online to download. It’s a real labour of love by whoever did it. I was introduced to Muzik by my partner in crime Griff. I had gone to college and he was working at Iceland and spinning the odd record or two.

I came back for the summer and he raved about this magazine that was more expansive than DJ magazine (my personal favourite for its trainspotter-esque coverage of releases) but with more depth than Mixmag.

I eventually got to go to the Muzik magazine awards with my friend Julie who worked for one of the event sponsors.

It is also slightly depressing to note, as the site reminded me that Muzik has been out of print for just over nine years.

The Jamie Hewlett video is on YouTube, so may not be available to all readers.