Oprah Time: Share This

Share This should have been published years ago. The CIPR had been slow to get on-board with social media public relations. The government sidelined it during consultation on marketing regulation of social channels a couple of years ago in favour of the ASA and IAB.  In addition, there has been a widespread lack of knowledge within the industry that has provided hard to resolve over time.

Having worked in two agencies over the past six years, run train courses and done mentoring I’ve learned two things:

  • Digital knowledge is a minority sport even within savvy agencies
  • Ignorance can’t be profiled by whether someone is a digital native or digital immigrant. Some of the people that have most got it have been the over-50s, whilst that those in their 20s have rejected it as being too hard work

At a macro level, I thought digital was the ideal point of inflection to deal with the over-supply of PR agencies that currently plague the industry. Unfortunately digital just meant that every search, interactive, media buyer and advertising agency also began offering PR-like services (often called content strategy).

Within this context Share This is an interesting vignette of articles pulled together under the auspices of the CIPR to try and provide a blue print for the still largely analogue industry. And in this respect it largely succeeds providing a useful primer for the industry. Whether the industry makes good use of the books content is another subject entirely.