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Chris Anderson on the Maker Movement: ‘We’re Going to Get Sued’ – The Atlantic

Microsoft’s Pivot – A Plan to Dominate “Devices and Services” – Adamalthus

Microsoft ‘kicks Huawei out’ of Windows Phone 8 global launch | ZDNet – WTF

Robots making inroads in the home, study finds – interesting delineated attitude to acceptance by task

Movement in interaction design | Hover States

FT digital subs pass 300,000, growing readership and revenue — paidContent – looks like subscriptions slowing

Panasonic set to ditch smartphones | T3 – a few things about this. Beyond the product launch did anyone see the Panasonic phones, you know in shops where they could buy them? What went wrong on the channel? Finally given that Sony and Panasonic’s success plans look similar: abandon brown goods, win through ‘convergence’, mobile (because that’s successful) and cameras – does this mean that Sony will have a similar burn?

The concept art behind the futuristic cities of ‘Cloud Atlas’ | The Verge – eye poppingly good

U.S. looks to replace human surveillance with computers (Declan McCullagh/CNET)