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Hugo Boss and the fashion cycle vs reporting cycle | Material World

An Optimistic Case for the Euro by Martin Feldstein – Project Syndicate

Nokia claims it ‘resurrected’ the Windows Phone- The Inquirer

Windows 8 can’t pull developers – Submission process allegedly terrible | TechEye

Happy campers – Coleman Japan ‹ Japan Today: – interesting how camping supplies has shot up in Korea as workers no longer have to work on Saturdays

Two burning questions for ARM this week – interesting points around computing power per watt

Yoshida in China: NXP deals with ‘freeze mode’ – interesting downturn in demand

Apple – Press Info – Apple Announces Changes to Increase Collaboration Across Hardware, Software & Services – interesting moves, the ex-Dixon’s guy was no surprise ejection. Forstall was a bit more of a surprise: on one hand tipped for the top with a reputation for being a nasty piece of work, on the other scapegoated in the media for Apple iPhone missteps

Exclusive: Reynolds and Reynolds explores $5 billion LBO – sources | Reuters  – sources (Banks: Quattrone’s Qatalyst, Deutsche Bank)