Five for Friday | 五日(星期五)

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A bit later than usual, here are the things that made my day this week:

I love this video so much I forwarded it on to the whole agency in the hope that at least some of my colleagues would take the message to heart:

My client Amy introduced me to Sharp Suits, a website created by a bunch of Irish designers who have made posters out of the stuff that clients say.

I really liked this design for a set of warm weather adidas trainers that paid homage to the adidas Equipment running shoe that was part of the Torsion range from the early 1990s.

Patrick Ewing has resurrected his early 90s basketball shoe brand Ewing Athletic. The first model off the stocks is the 33 Hi, a classic worn by the likes of Run DMC and KrisKross.
Ewing 33 Hi

1066 Cake Stand who make cakes that are vegan friendly. A handy address to have on the web for friends who like a meat product free diet, or people who suffer from allergies.