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Social gaming most popular among women: Spiral Media – Campaign Asia-Pacific – not surprising

Financial Times’ German offshoot to close – RTÉ News – the brand was wrong for Germany

How the Internet is Shaping Our “Global Brain” -Harvard Business Review

Apple’s journaling system for iOS makes geotagging a system-wide feature

Netflix CEO Reed Hastings On Microsoft Windows 8, Surface Challenges – AllThingsD

P&G’s market share drops, employees depart in China|

Xiaomi may exit the smartphone market in one year|

U.S. Kids Continue to Look Forward to “iHoliday” | Nielsen Wire – interesting that 13+ years old kids have a lower predisposition to buy Apple products than tweens

UK government is going headlong for internet filtering- The Inquirer – for a government that abhorred the ‘nanny state’ of the previous administration, this seems like a retrograde step. It also sends out the wrong message about the UK in terms of values

H.P. Takes Big Hit on ‘Accounting Improprieties’ at Autonomy – – HP can’t seem to catch a break, if the allegations are true it could also adversely affect the UK’s reputation for start-ups – having more in common with SpinVox than ARM

Chinese Billionaire Spends $130 Million To Make A “Hollywood-Style” 3D Movie (Video) » M.I.C. Gadget – it looks like first steps, its what’s next that will be of interest

Chinese condom brand recruits female ‘testers’| – I suspect that this is a great buzz marketing ploy

Jobs Guru Spills Secrets About Older Workers | – skills rather than experience is what sells

More than half of Brits vote to ditch the EU – Quartz – and trade with who exactly? Burnt EU countries may not play nicely with the UK as part of wider looser relationships, also likely to impact UK financial services sector further

Facebook to launch advertising ROI tool – Marketing magazine – dealing with perception gap and marketing manager concerns