Five for Friday | 五日(星期五)

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The hottest film of the moment over here is Cold War | 寒战 which boasts a cast of Hong Kong film veterans and the usual kind of twist plot and high jinx:

I finally have a smartphone with a data connection again, since I now have a contract with PCCW, the key reason why I went with them rather than China Mobile or SmarTone due to the amount of wi-fi spots that PCCW has around Hong Kong.

I felt for Vocus because of their being used by the Google pump-and-dump scam but it highlighted that the old ways of SEO are no longer valid once and for all.

I don’t have any space for home decoration, but if I did I would be looking at the Infragram series of posters by UN/HERD.

Finally I had a chance to play with a Nokia Lumia 920 this week, let’s just say I won’t be trading in my iPhone 4S just yet. It had an almost Communicator-like heft to it but without the keyboard and I am not sold on the tiles of Windows 8 Phone. If you want to disrupt-and-win in the smartphone marketplace you have to move away from the pictures-under-glass monolith design metaphor to something different.