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King of Samsung: a chairman’s reign of cunning and corruption | The Verge

Windows 8 Sales: Good, Bad, or Ugly? – surprised to see quite this negative a take on things by Windows IT Pro

Here comes the first real alternative to iPhone and Android – Quartz

More Japanese youth wearing surgical masks to hide their face ‹ Japan Today: Japan News and Discussion – “Others believe that having to rely on a mask to feel comfortable in public is a byproduct of Japanese youth becoming too accustomed to using e-mail and social networks to communicate with each other; they can’t interact with others unless there is a protective “wall” that offers them some degree of anonymity

Apple vetting operators on LTE network performance » – it makes sense otherwise users would have a poor experience and battery life would be hammered

Nassim Nicholas Taleb: The future will not be cool –

Japan Today – Fast Retailing to acquire majority interest in J Brand Holdings – this reads as much about technical know-how with fabric as much as a way of moving their portfolio upmarket for Uniqlo

Japan Today – Humanoid robot to keep Japanese astronaut company on space station – get more data on human | machine interaction

‘Can do’ approach spurs Huawei’s growth in Europe |

Quartz – China’s stock market plunging due to retail investor sentiment

Gorkana ( / Bite merges with Bourne

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer defends company to shareholders – San Jose Mercury News – the key point is that Microsoft shares stand about the same level as they did a decade ago

Apple Said to Fire Maps Manager as Flaws Hurt IPhone 5 – Bloomberg

Exclusive: Nokia seeks to block sale of some RIM products | NHK makes no-Korea move – has hallyu lost much of its force in Japan?

Google’s Searches for UnGoogleable Information to Make Mobile Search Smarter | MIT Technology Review