BrandZ 2013 – China’s top 50 brands

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Disclosure: before I share BrandZ 2013 version of China’s top brands. BrandZ are part of WPP, as are Burson-Marsteller who I currently work for.

Anyway they’ve have done a deep dive into Chinese companies to come up with the BrandZ 2013 top-50 brands. There is a whole page of resources available which I recommend you take a leaf through. Why would you want to leaf through? If you are interested in China or companies that are likely to be future stars.
WPP BrandZ Infographic China 2013

Some takeouts:

  • While the Party might not be putting its brand out as front-and-centre as it once did SOEs (state owned enterprises) that dominate much of Chinese commerce
  • Digital is still behind banking in terms of its break out moment; but that will change soon. Alibaba and Baidu are too much a part of a everyday life
  • I was surprised at the lack of FMCG brands, mobile handset brands and media brands in the top ten

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