Five for Friday | 五日(星期五)

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One of the biggest things that happened this week was Mary Meaker’s presentation on the the state of the internet. It has become an annual ritual, a bit like Cyber Monday and I am sure that Kleiner Perkins are happy that it changes the news discussion around their firm which this year had been dominated by Ellen Pao‘s sexual harrassment and gender discrimination lawsuit

When I was back in London, some of my friends used to use Messages, others WeChat, KakaoTalk or Viber instead of SMS. In Hong Kong, pretty much everyone has defaulted to WhatsApp. I’ve been dealing with suppliers and estate agents over it, WhatsApp is as essential as email here.

Google Maps redux for the iPhone. When the iPhone was originally launched Apple envisaged that applications would be from the web, that icons and ‘apps’ on your iPhone screen would be bookmarklets that would reach out to the web and bring up specially coded pages.

Google Maps has gone back to the future and taken this approach to maps on iOS (at least until the Google app arrives). Having used it a couple of times in the Central district of Hong Kong, it still has its flaws. But having a greater degree of choice and sources to consult is better than nothing.

The National Geographic Channel’s re-enactment of the operation to kill Osama Bin Laden has been released into Hong Kong cinemas, Code Name Geronimo has a number of familiar faces but lacks something in terms of the cinematography compared to Hollywood products like The Hurt Locker.

Lastly good old bricks and mortar commerce is the big thing here in Hong Kong, e-commerce doesn’t seem to factor into purchases at all and the shopping malls are state-of-the-art design.