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The real threat that Samsung poses to Apple | asymco – really interesting article on Samsung’s strengths

On Legacy iPhones and Cannibalization – AllThingsD – the legacy phone makes up the lower price models in the Apple range

Apple Joins Google in $500 Million-Plus Bid for Kodak Patents – Bloomberg

Billionaire Sells Stake in Topshop for $805 Million –

Google exec was told to stop Tweeting | The Wall Blog – the people who are responsible for engineering social media don’t even understand how things can propagate

TI rolls open-source RTOS for MCUs – lower footprint than Linux which should be compelling

MediaPost Publications Pre-Roll Video Ad Prices Dip, Large Inventory Blamed 12/07/2012

Facebook in Talks to Buy Microsoft’s Atlas Ad Platform – AllThingsD

Communities Dominate Brands: Why Nokia Lumia and Windows Phone 8 will fail – ie will never become the promised third ecosystem – Tomi Ahonen updates his numbers of Nokia market share

As of February, you’ll have two fewer characters to tweet with when you share a link on Twitter – The Next Web – trillions of links already

Apple Hires Hacker Who Helped Save Windows From Security Hell |

Exploiting the implicit – MEC whitepaper

Times of London offers $80 Nexus 7 to new digital subscribers |

Time Spent In Mobile Apps Is Starting To Challenge Television, Flurry Says | TechCrunch

China Mobile’s Li Yue on iPhone 5: TD-SCDMA is not a problem, it’s all about business model and benefit sharing » Unwired View

Apple loses $34.9 billion in market cap in its worst trading day in 4 years, but why? – The Next Web

Lack of Distribution Is “Killing” Surface – AllThingsD

Twitter Loses Ability to Properly Display Instagram Photos –

Michelin Stars slammed in fear of rent hikes, |

Facebook Messenger for Android drops account requirement, taking on SMS and WhatsApp | The Verge – interesting how Facebook is being usurped as a communications platform

ITU Approves Deep Packet Inspection Standard Behind Closed Doors, Ignores Huge Privacy Implications | Techdirt

London Calling: Should Apple buy ST-E or Renesas Mobile? – but what about patent licences?

Printed electronics pilot line starts production

The Nokia Lumia Sellout – Most Likely A Marketing Strategy – Seeking Alpha

Nielsen | Social Media Report 2012

Yahoo sees several flaws in $2.7 billion Mexico ruling: source | Reuters – the big question is why wasn’t it disclosed in company documents in the first place

Touché – Carnegie Mellon University | CMU – really interesting immersive media experiments

Daring Fireball: Why ‘The Daily’ Failed – there is also the problem that the content didn’t have value. It wasn’t a professional tool like the Wall Street Journal or provide something you couldn’t get elsewhere

Nokia Siemens sells optical network unit to Marlin Equity Partners – ok, interesting move. But will it be enough to be competitive against the new network players?