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Amoeba Music’s Vinyl Vaults is no Napster – I, Cringely

Facebook Studio :: Blog | Announcing a New Pages Structure for Global Brands | Latest News and Updates

MIT Scientist Andrew McAfee Says Big Data Will Soon be Too Big for the Metric System to Handle | MIT Technology Review

The future of software pricing: PwC

Microsoft’s battle for consumers: it’s time to drop the Windows name | The Verge – has the Windows brand been over-extended?

Facebook Has Decreased Page Reach, And Here’s Why | TechCrunch – some great data here on why a blended paid | owned content strategy is required for all you PR holdouts

3D Printing is the New Industrial Revolution? – broadstuff

How To Become A Hacker – Eric Raymond on hacking (rather than cracking)

APAC travellers want more social media |