Christmas in the office

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Twas the day after Christmas and I’d left the house,

Into the office; empty not even a mouse,

The stockings were still hung on the computer monitors with care,

In the hopes that the cleaner would soon make them bare….

OK enough destruction of well loved poems. I have been in the office between Christmas and new year. CES in Las Vegas stops for no man or woman, neither do clients in many parts of the world. In addition, new business is tying up a lot of my time. But once you have got through all this and sorting out the filing system, what things should the digitally-minded communicator be doing?

Number one on my list would be upgrading the corporate and client blogs to WordPress 3.5. Why?

  1. Security – WordPress development features constantly improving security. This is a journey rather than a destination, but it pays to stay current. A secondary aspect of this is the ability to have a standard payload of plug-ins attached to a identity; so signing in with the ID will have the WordPress install have a consistent plug-in set. This is really handy if you manage a number of blogs on behalf of your organisation or clients
  2. More tablet-friendly admin interface – the WordPress blog is touting a retina screen friendly UI, at least partly because of the iPad. The development team have been continually refining and making UI improvements across all aspects of the admin interface
  3. Improvements in how WordPress handles hosted media, though I would still recommend offloading pictures to flickr, audio to SoundCloud and video to the likes of Vimeo or YouTube

Archived from blog posts I wrote for PR Week