Ten most popular posts of 2012 | 10个最流行的文章

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Here is a run down of the most popular posts on this blog over the past 12 months in order of unique page views:

  1. Throwback gadget: IBM ThinkPad 701 – the one with the ‘butterfly’ folding keyboard
  2. I like: Sony MDR-A10 headphones – the folding headphones that came with late 1980s and early 1990s premium Discman models
  3. Korea: Coffee republic – the independents – independent coffee shops I tried during my time in Korea
  4. Throwback gadget: Sony Vaio PCG C1 series – the Sony sub-notebook of the dot com era that almost made Windows look cool and were a poster child for Transmeta processors
  5. Gavin Bell’s TopShop tiger – mega-corp does plagarism and doesn’t get away with it
  6. Throwback gadget: Revox B77 series of reel-to-reel tape recorders – Swiss brand’s iconic 2-track tape recorder
  7. The quantified self: thoughts and a perspective – thoughts and concerns about the faddish movement sweeping social media types at the expense of discrediting real health benefits to be gained and ethical commercial dilemmas
  8. Consumer behaviour and technological change
  9. Facebook: IPO postmortem – a dispassionate analysis – thoughts immediately after the IPO, some of which are still very pertinent
  10. Thoughts on Microsoft Surface – making sense of Microsoft’s take on the iconic Speak’n’Spell toy

Much of the top results were driven by strong sustained search results and are more a reflection of the strength of interest in the iconic products and the ‘searchability’ of things. I was surprised to see how high my brief trip to Korea scored so high on inbound traffic and the level of sustained interest in the quantified self.

Gavin Bell’s TopShop tiger brought a surge of traffic fueled in part by the UK digerati upset by a clothing mega-corp who copied a photograph from flickr.