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Flickr: Why did Flickr drop the “e”? – Quora

Is Facebook worth it? Film execs confide they may cut movie ads – – the content optimisation steps that studios are taking are particularly interesting

4 Secrets For Doing Gonzo User Research | Co.Design

No Logo | Design Week – I love this new campaign by Selfridges that I heard of via Stephen

How Chinese Economic Policy Could Save Club Med Countries – interesting take on whether free trade zones would help the PIIGS countries

Chinese Social Network Douban Rolls Out Paid Music Streaming Subscriptions

Facebook Will Fight German Anonymity Law And $26K Fine Against Zuckerberg To Keep Real Name Policy | TechCrunch

Nokia Boss: “Today we are with Microsoft, but anything is possible” – is the contract with Microsoft non-exclusive?

Daily chart: Undue credit | The Economist – lending to decline further in western Europe, in contrast with the rest of the world

How Tide Detergent Became a Drug Currency — New York Magazine – particularly interesting when you think about the way Tide doesn’t match your traditional idea of currency: it isn’t particularly portable for instance

Why Does Everyone Think Google Beat The FTC? | The New Republic – Tim Wu’s great analysis of the Google verdict

Apple secures majority of US smartphone market, Samsung dominates Europe | ZDNet