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Elsevier In Advanced Talks To Buy Mendeley For Around $100M To Beef Up In Social, Open Education Data | TechCrunch

Trend Spotting Moves to a Third Dimension: Crossing the Cultural Divide « A Smarter Planet Blog – IBM Analytics thinks that steampunk will be a hot fashion trend

Google to build £1bn UK headquarters at London’s King’s Cross | – interesting move that may take some of the shine from the Central St Giles development

Unilever’s Jon Goldstone: A great brand can’t stand for ‘cheap’ – Marketing news – Marketing magazine – interesting move away from data driven marketing

Surface with Windows RT: The prettiest thing you’ll never want to touch again | Reuters – one of the most brutal reviews that I have read

Insight: How cleantech tarnished Kleiner and VC star John Doerr | Reuters – it is worth remembering that Doerr also made crazy bets on Netscape, it may have been the wrong thing to do from a finance point-of-view but the direction was right. Robert X. Cringely described technology as being like surfing, hitting and riding a wave at the right time and knowing when to get off

Errata Security: I conceal my identity the same way Aaron was indicted for – interesting how technological use clashes with the law

CES: Worse Products Through Software – if you only read one article about CES read this

No longer factory of the world, China is now its banker – Quartz – interesting data about China doing outbound foreign direct investment

Ahead of Graph Search launch, Facebook removed the ability to opt out of search results – Quartz – you know that this is going to end badly for at least some people

Why The WSJ Got The ‘iPhone Demand Is Crashing’ Story All Wrong – Forbes – the WSJ has been going for much more speculation journalism to compete on reporting with the likes of TechCrunch, I guess you could call it a blogification of the fourth estate

Hong Kong’s fading love affair with its property barons signals Beijing’s growing clout – Quartz – or maybe like most economies the mix needs to be tweaked