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Goodbye LinkedIn answers, hello more Group spam? | Econsultancy – disappointing for B2B marketers

Lionel Barber’s email to FT staff outlining digital-first strategy | – feels very much like what the Telegraph went through ages ago

Line, The Messaging App That Took Japan By Storm, Crosses 100M Users And Enters The U.S. | TechCrunch

Samsung’s predicament – Chris Dixon – is the PC analogy the correct one?

Why online book discovery is broken (and how to fix it) — paidContent – I’d argue that it was similar with non-chart music purchases as well

Carbon Fiber: The Secret of the 2014 Corvette Stingray – interesting that the price point isn’t above the previous glass reinforced plastic (GRP) models

Daring Fireball: The Trend Against Skeuomorphic Textures and Effects in User Interface Design – technology means that display limitations no longer need to be hidden by skeuomorphic design

Capgemini retail study commissioned by TJ Hughes (PDF) online going to be big apparently