Frosties figures show advertising works

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Going through my feeds a Mirror Online story caught my eye, about how Frosties cereal had declined by 18.3 per cent, which the article attributes to a TV advertising ban rolled out in 2007 targeting unhealthy foods. Depending on your viewpoint, this maybe a proofpoint that regulation can bring about positive behavioural change in citizens or an example of how regulation can adversely affect the most well-run of businesses. What it said to me was that advertising works and Kellogg’s could put an economic value on its contribution. The next question that sprung to mind is can Kellogg’s marketers use PR tactics and techniques to fill the void left by advertising?  I will let other people argue the case for and against whether PR should be allowed to step into the economic breach for products like Frosties.

Archived from blog posts I wrote for PR Week