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Chinese government reportedly in talks to lift 12-year ban on gaming consoles – The Next Web

Achieving healthy ageing is pressing challenge for commissioners | Inside Commissioning

Majority of agency bosses fear effects of EU exit | PRWeek – would adversely affect hub status

In Asia’s trend-setting cities, iPhone fatigue sets in | Reuters – interesting association with Hallyu. I pass an electronics store every morning and there is always a Girls Generation concert playing on the LG televisions. Is this the decline of American culture’s power?

Obama: ‘One of the biggest factors is going to be how the media shapes debates’ | Poynter. – or how the changing structure of media industry will change debates

NTSB: “No Obvious Anomalies” in Dreamliner Backup Battery | Frequent Business Traveler – which screws the prevailing narrative being pushed that tried to taint the Japanese battery supplier

Robot Makers Spread Global Gospel of Automation – – I guess we know what John Markoff’s next book maybe about. Interesting read through

HTC Mini announced as a remote for your smartphone (Cory Gunther/Android Community)

The Future of Drugs | VICE – interesting essay on the consumer behaviour side of things

Strong Demand for Smartphones and Heated Vendor Competition Characterize the Worldwide Mobile Phone Market at the End of 2012 – IDC press release – epic headline

Antigua Government Set to Launch “Pirate” Website To Punish United States | TorrentFreak

Moves takes on Fitbit and Nike+ FuelBand with a simple iPhone app for tracking your daily activity – The Next Web

Chart Focus: How to compete in emerging markets – Chinese markets as urban clusters

WeAreFSTVL’s stream on SoundCloud – keep an eye on this

Nokia Sales Down 79% in China as Symbian Dies, Lumia Slow to Grow – which is a huge drop in the world’s biggest wireless market

Basecamp Personal Takes Project Management Out Of The Office, Ditches Subscriptions For A One-Time Fee | TechCrunch – much more accessible

The Future of Crime | VICE – interesting thoughtful article by VICE that touches a lot of current hot technologies including 3D printing and in-car computing

KPMG – Global reach China Luxury – interesting and more nuanced take on the Chinese market for luxury goods