The Bosch post

I mean’t to publish this a while ago but a lack of time got the better of me. Lucre’s social media team were supporting Bosch UK in their positioning of Bosch is all around us.
It got me thinking about what Bosch meant to me. Primarily the brand was about three things:

  • Power tools – I used Bosch power tools to prepare my O’level project in Craft, Design and Technology. My Dad worked in a plant hire company and so I could get hold of a power sander and a power router which made the whole process much easier
  • Electrical car parts – in particular the iconic brown distributor cap that sat under the bonnet of my first car and doled out electricity to the spark plugs
  • Kitchen appliances – my 40 something fridge which finally got thrown out when I moved out of my house in London. It still worked and had served as a store for cold drinks in my garage when I listened to records during the summer. My parents had bought it after they moved into their first house and it got relegated to their garage when they bought a fridge freezer in the mid-1980s. They are now three fridge freezers on whilst I was still using the Bosch fridge. It is probably sitting on a landfill in the south of England punching a hole in the ozone layer with its vintage CFCs

While Bosch may have been all around me, it stayed around me because the products were generally very well made. Something that many of it’s competitors can’t truthfully claim

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