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Accoustic Renaissance for Audio proposalMono could be enjoyed side-by-side with friends, whereas stereo is only for the ‘hot-spot’, hence highly personalized. Now multi-channel can again provide a much wider listening area, therefore it can again be enjoyed with friends or families – Negishi-san’s observation on the social aspects of listening are very interesting

Secrets and Lies of the Bailout | Rolling Stone – interesting colour on top of what people knew with regards the 2008 banking crisis

Super League clubs on brink of financial abyss, says finance expert | The Guardian – I have a personal interest in not seeing top-flight rugby league go under, but if it did, I imagine that tyre-kicking bears would also look at other sports

Analysis: US, Australia social network usage flat, New Zealand now the world’s biggest user of social networks? | Trends in the Living Networks

Paul Krugman On Technology And Inequality – Business Insider – technology is likely to encourage inequality for decades

TeliaSonera’s Uzbekistan scandal is a warning to telecom CEOs everywhere – Quartz – It has come out in the Nordics first, primarily because of the transparency there, but I wouldn’t be surprised it was endemic amongst the wireless groups in the EU and US

Just Under Deadline, Google Responds to European Antitrust Concerns – AllThingsD

Koreans create magnetic transistor that could turn every CPU into an FPGA | ExtremeTech

The Amazings – interesting idea in terms of knowledge sharing