The cookie post

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Internet privacy like many other emotive issues is complex. So it is disappointing that an organisation who should know better fail to take efforts like the EU cookie initiative seriously.

It is an imperfect solution, but it is making an effort to take privacy seriously. Taking cheap cracks at it to make your own organisation seem more important looked bad.

I wasn’t given a choice to see the content without having accepted the cookie policy. This could have been handled in a similar way to the bar I have at the top of this site when you arrive for the first time instead. This made me move away from the site rather than reading the article I originally intended to look at.
Being on a mission to save the planet doesn’t give a designer the right to provide an obnoxious user experience design. In fact good design is at the heart of many of the issues that Greenpeace is likely to care about:

  • It can reduce consumption by providing products and services in such a way that people don’t want to waste resources
  • It can make more efficient use of those resources we have
  • It can come up with new more environmentally-friendly materials and ways of doing things

Bad design, sets a bad example, just like driving a large SUV, whale hunting as a sport or eating beef raised on freshly cleared rainforest – because it educates the audience to accept bad design in other aspects of their lives.