Five for Friday | 五日(星期五)

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Apiento had posted a documentary on Mel Cheren, who founded West End Records. Cheren was much more than the head of a disco label; he helped found the Paradise Garage and along with the likes of Salsoul Records was responsible for the direction that dance music has taken over the past 40 years or so. If you haven’t heard the original records, you’ve probably heard records that sampled them or used similar production techniques.

Members of the South Korean air force put together a great parody of Les Miserables – Les Militaribles.

SocialBakers put together a great piece of research on the properties of consumer electronics manufacturers on Facebook. Given that Apple doesn’t ‘do’ social it is quite surprising to see how high their page ranks in this data. A second surprise was BlackBerry.

Thanks to my friend Michelle Goodall for flagging up Technorati Media’s 2013 Digital Influence Report (PDF). I have long stopped using Technorati as an authorative search engine on blogs but they still seem to be going.

Finally the BraunCollection gives a permanent home to the works of the German electrical goods manufacturer and its designs over the past five decades or so.