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German Economy Contracted at End of 2012 –

Tim Cook’s comments on Apple Stores, illustrated | asymco

Phone-hacking inquiry: Sun’s Fabulous and northern features editors arrested |

Unruly launches social video ‘shareability’ prediction tool – Brand Republic News

Succeeding In Low-Growth Markets by The Futures Company – WPP – it it what allowed P&G to get ahead during the great depression

Facebook PMD Email Tells Advertisers: No Pay, No Play – Business Insider – so many interesting aspects to this beyond the revenue in terms of gaming partners priorities. In many respects similar to the Microsoft certified programme amongst IT people

Yahoo CEO says Microsoft search deal underperforms | Reuters – acknowledges it as just changing market share; which works for Microsoft I guess. Mayer realises she needs to shore up impressions and put better monetising ad inventory in place

AMC To Air Old Walking Dead Episodes In Black And White | WebProNews – interesting move, how about curvature in their to simulate CRT technology?

Mountain Dew Kickstart: An Alternative Breakfast Beverage – Euromonitor International – not too sure how I feel about this, but given the big food charges leveled against sugary breakfast cereals this could be a lightning rod for protestors

Prosecuting the Messenger: Chief Greek Statistician Threatened with Jail – SPIEGEL ONLINE – you couldn’t make this up

EDA ‘David’ files law suits against Moto, Nokia, others – will Tela get paid?

Twitter Raises Promoted Trend Price. Again.  – Twitter raises the price of a Promoted Trend to $200,000 per day