Five for Friday | 五日(星期五)

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Five things that have made my day this week:

Blue Note Records have more brand equity than most major label imprints with a storied history in record sleeve design and a knack of reinventing themselves whilst staying true to their values. New generations of jazz fans have enjoyed their collaborations with adidas and uniqlo. Whilst other music labels fumed with outrage over sampling; Blue Note released the Blue Break Beats series of albums in 1993 to introduce hip-hop fans to the original tracks. They even collaborated with US3 on their first album.

Renowned artist Donald Byrd died the other week and Blue Note paid tribute to him by posting his concert from the 1973 Montreux Jazz Festival on SoundCloud and allowed fans to listen to it for free. I love the accompanying notes that label president Don Was wrote for the release. Listen here.

Whilst talking about streaming music Ben Watt (of Buzzin’ Fly and Everything But The Girl fame) has a great two-hour set over on BBC Radio 6 mixing downtempo and deep house tracks. Ideal music to work by. Listen here.

The subversive Cottage Chicken t-shirt raised a chuckle at Chez Carroll and its timing for London Fashion Week was impeccable, that I wasn’t able to purchase one as they had sold out took the edge of it though.

I was shocked and amazed by Vice magazine’s story about Run For Your Wife, but now am a bit intrigued in a Plan 9 From Outer Space kind of way:

Finally I think that we have finally got over the Harlem Shake meme.