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The age of the brag is over: why Facebook might be losing teens | The Verge

Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG 6×6 « Gear Patrol – awesomeness

Pottermore Reaches Out To Harry Potter Fan Sites – affiliate marketing doesn’t pay that well

Keeping the Wolfram from the Data

The Decline and Fall of Social Networks

Logitech reorganises to focus on mobile products

Who’ll win the consumer video codec battles?

How Ikea uses Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter and Google+ | Econsultancy

Intel will make 14nm FPGAs for Altera

First SOPA, Now Your Privacy: Facebook, Google Flex Lobbying Muscle in Europe | Mother Jones

Why delinquent student loans are the fuse on America’s next debt bomb – Quartz

Euro zone unemployment hits a record high of 11.9% – Quartz

UK and US toe the edge of a “regulatory trade war” over banking – Quartz

Jonny Mulligan: Would You Join the Ken Loach Movement for Progressives?
The fine art of penning your own ‘brief bio’ –

Why Nobody Can Copy Apple | cek.log

Fontastic – A Processing library to create font files

Resurgence in Neural Networks –

Journo & Literate CoffeeScript

Learning How to Code Is A Waste of Time – Forbes

Andrew Mason on being fired by the Groupon board

Wu-Tang Clan’s RZA Breaks Down His Kung Fu Samples by Film and Song


Microsoft Seeks Software License from South Korea Military – Korea Real Time – WSJ