You know you’re generation x when

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You know you’re generation x when:

  • You hear the word portal and think of an early website with a cluttered layout like a broadsheet newspaper from companies like MSN, Yahoo! and Excite rather than a round window with a nautical theme
  • You can remember when your cellphone was smaller than your current iPhone
  • You can remember feeling sad when the local HMV | Tower Records | Fopp closed down
  • One of your coolest friends worked behind the counter in an independent record or comic shop
  • Bill Gates is the ex-CEO of Microsoft, not a global do-gooder
  • You can remember when Sony and Nokia were cool
  • Morrissey is up there with Plato
  • The M in MTV stood for music
  • You can remember when the Argos catalogue was a cornucopia of consumerism

What other ones would you add?