Five for Friday | 五日(星期五)

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Five things that have made my week:

The biggest upset of the week was the news that Google Reader was being shut down on July 1st by Google. I don’t use Google Reader and have never been particularly enamoured with it as an RSS reader. But it has a substantial loyal following which meant that my weapon of choice Newsblur had its servers blitzed with new members looking to move and the world and their dog decided to make an RSS reader.

Old Spice came up with it’s new campaign featuring Mr Wolfdog as its head marketer. A Dilbertesque take on the office and business, the campaign did some interesting audience engagement through Google Hangout.

A Harvard Business Review article shook things up when it posited that eBay found paid search didn’t pay. What people failed to take away from this is the rather unique nature of eBay’s business. Don’t give up on spending for SEM just yet. Few organisations can boast of having a site with as strong an organic search marketing as eBay.

Facebook’s move to add hash tags is interesting and should make the life a bit easier for social media monitoring in terms of a common lexicon across platforms. It could also mean that memes flow frictionless across platforms.

I watched with morbid fascination the rollout of the Samsung Galaxy S4, more on this later.