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iPhone data usage: Phablets seen as a fad | BGR

Why Your Kid Can’t Get a Job – Forbes

The Facebook Phone & The Triumph Of Native Apps Over HTML5 – ReadWrite

What Advertisers Think About Mobile – Business Insider

Debt burden could grow to ‘unsustainable’ levels: IMF | Irish Examiner

Chromium Blog: Blink: A rendering engine for the Chromium project – expect a wider range of web testing for future mobile and desktop browsers

For Facebook Ads, How Targeted Is Too Targeted? – AllFacebook – friends aren’t necessarily like you

Gartner: Microsoft’s dominance of computing is over | T3 – I think Gartner is premature in its assumption. For instance, all computing platforms aren’t created equal in terms of value creation

What You Need to Know About Pinterest Web Analytics | VML

White Paper: Why the Brand Idea Still Matters in the Age of Social Media | JWT Blog

WPP makes strategic investment in SFX Entertainment – WPP

3 Free SEO Tools for Identifying Target Keywords | Search Engine Journal

BBC News – The Great British class calculator: What class are you? – nice exploration of the UK’s socio economic landscape