This is how communities die

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I was struck by a blast from the past when I logged into iTunes and saw that Swedish pop / performance art group Army of Lovers had reformed and had a new single out. They came to prominence in the early 1990s with their single Crucified and their over-the-top outfits. And turned out really well-crafted catchy pop – if K-pop had a debauched twin on a mission to corrupt the world’s youth it would be Army of Lovers.

Almost as theatrical as their videos and shows is their in-group fighting with La Camilla having a love-hate relationship with the group.

They reformed with a new album and single to potentially represent Sweden in the Eurovision. They didn’t get nominated and some of the blame was attributed to a lacklustre performance by La Camilla (Camilla Henemark). The song and album for it aren’t bad.

The group had its signature break-up in public and then an interesting thing happened: its core fan site decided to close up shop. Disillusioned with the group’s dysfunction and a modern pop sound that wasn’t sufficiently OTT.

The big question is whether the Army of Lovers can continue as a going concern with the resignation of their most devoted fan base?

This is the post where the fans threw in the towel.
Army of Lovers Network